Male Menopause AKA Andropause Treatment


There is an erroneous belief that only women suffer from menopause. Well, technically that is correct if we are referring to the specifics surrounding female menopause. However, a similar age related condition can impact men as well.

This condition is known as male menopause, aka andropause. The effects of andropause can be quite significant and life altering. This is why so many men will be curious if there is a male menopause treatment available.

Good news does exist for those asking such a question. Reliable andropause treatment methods do exist. And yes, there are different methods in which this condition can be treated.

Consider that to be a very positive thing because having access to more than one treatment method means it is possible to select the best method that is agreeable to your own personal level of comfort.


What Is Male Menopause?

There term male menopause AKA andropause can be somewhat contradictory. Do not only women suffer from menopause? If menopause is defined by the end of the menstrual cycle and the inability to become pregnant, then the answer is an obvious yes.

For men, there term male menopause is somewhat of a colloquial one. Menopause is understood as something a woman undergoes when the aging process accelerates. So, when the term male menopause is mentioned, there is a clear understanding that an age related biological process is what is being discussed.

Unfortunately, some might assume this biological process is not treatable. That is really not the case as far as men are concerned. There are ways to reverse the problem

How is this so? Basically, male menopause refers to the point in a man’s life where he is no longer producing testosterone as he did when he was younger. Certainly, the mere mention of a lack of testosterone will lead many men to wonder if a viable male menopause treatment exists.

The reason for this is many of the effects of decreased testosterone can have a serious impact various metabolic functions.


The Troubling Effects Of A Decrease In Testosterone

The effects of a decrease in testosterone levels can be quite significant. Among the most common effects would be:

    • A weakened immune system
    • A high level of fatigue
    • The inability to burn fat as efficiently as once before
    • Concentration problems
    • Low libido
    • Loss of lean muscle mass

And there are other problems which can arise when testosterone levels are lowered. Rather than continue to suffer from such issues, it might be best for men to look for an andropause treatment that is workable and effective.


Is There A Viable Male Menopause Treatment?

Male hormone replacement therapy is gaining notoriety as the common way male menopause is treated. As the name suggests, the hormone of testosterone is replaced via a therapy program overseen by a doctor. The most common what this therapy is done is through performing injections directly into the system.

At first, the injections will be done by the doctor. In time, the patient will have to perform them on his own after the doctor has properly shown him the correct way how to do so.

It would not be much of shock to reveal not everyone wants to undergo injections regardless of the benefits they purport to offer. Thankfully, there are other methods in which the hormones can enter the system.

The methods most common would be transdermal ones where the solution absorbs from the bloodstream into the skin.

A gel or a patch can both be the conduit for the absorption of the hormone solution. Again, for many, these would be much better alternatives to injections. That said, not everyone is all that sold on the notion a male menopause treatment has to be a pharmaceutical one. Instead, an all-natural solution might be sought.


The Provacyl

Provacyl Pills are designed to be an all-natural solution to male menopause. These pills contain an herbal stack intended to reverse many of the problems (mental and physical) associated with male menopause. For those wishing to avoid the pharmaceutical path, it may be best to look closer at what Provacyl has to offer.

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