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Reviewed by: Alma Mott on September 7, 2013

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Full Review

A weak libido can cause a host of problems in a relationship. While it is commonly assumed men suffer from libido related issues, women, too, can experience a major decrease in sex drive. A number of factors can contribute to this.

In truth, few will want to worry about the causes and would prefer to invest more time trying to improve a lowered libido. There might very well be a way to achieve such a result and it would be through taking the supplement Libido for Her.


What Is Libido For Her?

Libido for Her is exactly what its name suggests. This is a supplement that contains all natural ingredients with the potential to help enhance and increase a lowered sex drive. Uniquely, the supplement does not come in the form of capsules.

Rather, it employs the use of a spray which makes absorption easier. The easier the contents of the spray can be absorbed, then the more likely they will be able to deliver the sought after results.

These sought after results would be an increased libido and sex drive. To see improvements in these areas of sexual performance also means to see improvements in various areas of life. Some might assume a stronger sex drive is not something of great importance.

Insights of this nature are quite wrong as sexual health and activity is necessary for better relationships.

This is also a very easy supplement to take. One spray can prove to have a great effect. Of course, using the spray consistently would be very helpful. Those who are not going to use it consistently will find the results become elusive.

More than likely, results will not be procured at all. So, use as directed!


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A Fast Working Product

Neither men nor women wish to take a supplement, any supplement, that will not deliver fast results. With this product, results have been shown to occur relatively quickly.

While using the spray regularly may be required to experience the greatest results, it is not out of the question that some fairly quick effects will occur at the commencement of using it. Again, this would be a major attribute consumers of any sexual health product would wish to look for.


Concerns Over Side Effects

The issue of side effects will commonly come up and for good reason. No one wishes to suffer from dire side effects taking a supplement that is intended to help in some way. As of right now, research shows that there are no side effects associated with the spray.

While this is good news, no one should automatically assume they will not suffer from side effects. Always be sure to use the supplement carefully and be mindful if any troubling side effects begin to rear their head.


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The Ingredients In The Supplement

One of the best attributes associated with these ingredients is they are all-natural. Granted, the term all-natural is one that is bandied about quite a bit and it automatically does not mean a product is a good one.

There are quite a number of all-natural products that are downright awful. However, natural products come with a host of benefits over synthetic ones. With Libido for Her, various unique natural ingredients are used to help deliver the sought after sex drive improvements sought.

Among the ingredients in the mix as:

    • Damiana
    • False Gromwell
    • Chaste berry
    • And the ignatia amara bean

All offer something in the stack so as to improve the results the product is to deliver. A number of the ingredients have been used for many years (centuries in fact) as means of treating issues related to low sex drive.

If nothing else, the longevity of these herbs as means of treating sexual dysfunction issues shows they might very well have great value.



    • All-natural ingredients comprise the stack
    • No known side effects
    • Works rather quickly


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    • Individual results will certainly vary
    • Some might suffer allergic reactions



For those women searching for a solution to their low libido woes, Libido for her might very well offer a much sought after solution. Libido for Her offers an all-natural solution that can not only help with achieving a better sex drive, but also achieving a better relationship.

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