Staying Healthy in Your 50s


Fifty is the time to become thrifty – with your lifestyle, that is.

50 is the time to get your mind and body back in shape – To undo all the lifestyle sins of the past, and then continue doing good lifestyle-related things until the time comes to move on. So, folks, here’s a bunch of healthy tips and strategies that should help:


Minimize Your Lifestyle

If you eat a whole lot of fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly and stop smoking and drinking, then you can really add years to your life.

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables will pump up your body with antioxidants and fibers;
    • Exercise will rev up your metabolism and keep you in great shape (mentally and physically);
    • Cutting down the twin evils of smoking and inking will also keep you in good health.

So, go right ahead and lead a healthy lifestyle and watch how it transforms your life for the better.


Shed Some Weight

Check your weight – chances are that you overweight by many pounds. Well, if you continue being overweight, it’s going to hurt your mind, body and soul. Your body will become a home for many diseases.

So, be determined to lose your pounds because when the spirit is unwilling, the flesh too will be weak. So, diet, hit the gym, give up junk food, whatever – just ensure you lose weight.


Medical Testing

Get your body and blood tested every year. You need to know what’s going on inside. After you touch 50, you never know what can go wrong and therefore it’s better to be prepared and take precautions.

Check with your physician first. Ask him to recommend the tests. And, once your results are in, get them analyzed by your family physician and then get your medicines reviewed. These tests and their follow-up can save your life.

Note: pay attention to lifestyle diseases like blood pressure and diabetes and keep them in check – they can play havoc if they are allowed to go on unchecked.



Our bodies were built for physical and mental work. The logic is clear – if you do not work out physically (in any way), you become fat, your life expectancy drops and you become prone to diseases.

Therefore physical activity is a must. But the problem is that we are stuck in desk jobs that require brain power. So, it is important that we get off our hinds and start exercising. Exercise speeds up our metabolism, keeps us in good shape, elevates our mood, and makes us look good.

It even makes us great lovers by pumping up our heart. So, if you are putting on pounds, now is the time to start knocking them off.


A Positive Attitude

Many folks become pessimistic with age and start counting the years left. They become nostalgic, melancholy, cynical, critical, and more. These folks must develop a positive attitude towards life.

Age is just a number and life begins at 40 – these wise words out to cheer them up. You know, researchers say that a positive attitude can add up to 7.5 years to your life! So, you go and smile, buddy.

The whole world’s a stage and there’s a comedy show going on.


Take Care Of Your Nutrition

Drink your 8 glasses of water every day. Include truckloads of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Take your multi vitamins, and keep your focus on Vitamin B12.

Stay away from red meat, salt, white bread, junk food, processed foods and packaged stuff – go for white meat, monounsaturated oils, fresh fruits and vegetables, home-cooked meals and other good stuff that will keep your arteries clean and healthy.

Consult a nutritionist if you are unsure how to move forward.


Stay Active

Climb the stairs. Socialize. Solve a crossword puzzle. Play Scrabble. Offer a helping hand to the community. Keep thinking. Stay away from watching TV for the whole day. Just don’t be passive by staying active.


Expand Your Knowledge

You should learn new stuff – your brain will love you for that! The more your brain learns, the better and sharper it gets. It could be anything like developing a hobby, developing an interest for politics, writing, collecting coins, etc. Learning new things also reduces risk of dementia.

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